Cannibal! The Musical

Cross Oklahoma! and Blazing Saddles and add in a little bit of Evil Dead II – and you’ve got Cannibal! The Musical.. This is the story of Alfred Packer, a miner leading a party from Utah to Colorado territory. They get lost and stuck in the mountains without food in the middle of winter…good thing […]

Bride of Chucky

Should have been called ‘Chucky gets stoned, kills Jack Tripper, then he gets laid.’ That pretty much sums it up. A post shared by Lara (@knobbygirl) on Nov 22, 2017 at 5:50pm PST By far the best of the four Child’s Play movies. Just like the Leprechaun, Chucky has turned into a comedic figure rather […]


When Jeffrey Franken’s girlfriend, Elizabeth Shelley, is killed by his automated lawn mower, he decides to bring her back to life using the body parts of dead prostitutes. That’s the plot in a nutshell. Plot is not important in Frankenhooker. Bad special effects are what’s important. Lame jokes are what’s important. This film has what’s […]

Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Ted’s vampire adventure. Okay, there’s a little bit more to this film than that, but not much. The early nineties was a scary time. Old classics were being remade left and right and quality was not a concern. This film fell to the bottom of the heap, flattened between Branagh’s bizarre Frankenstein flick and The […]

Leprechaun 3

Viva Las Leprechaun! This is by far the best of the Leprechaun saga. It gives new meaning to the term ‘fear and loathing in Las Vegas.’ The Leprechaun is free to walk down the streets of Las Vegas and there are so many weirdos there that no one notices him. Imagine the Leprechaun doing a […]