Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

I know it’s a risk, but I’m risking my kids aspiring to truancy by introducing them to Ferris Bueller. It’s a risk I’m willing to take… A post shared by Lara (@knobbygirl) on Jan 28, 2018 at 4:36pm PST As a parent, I know I’m supposed to sympathize with the parents and Rooney…but nope, still […]

Getting Schooled

The Breakfast Club meets Apocalypse Now – how’s that for a fucking amazing tagline? The people who brought us The Haunted Trailer were back at Frightmare with another locally made horror film. I was tentatively afraid that Getting Schooled would be a rehash of Haunted Trailer, but it was totally different in tone and content. […]

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

I didn’t realize how out of touch I am with the film world until thus weekend. I thought that this was opening weekend for Night at the Museum 3, but turns out it actually opened before Xmas. Doh! We were at LaLa’s in East Texas, celebrating Xmas a little late and decided to take the […]

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

When Anchorman 2 was announced, before all the hype, the special appearances and Dodge commercials, I badly wanted to see it in the theater. Then I (and probably the rest of the country) got kind of sick of seeing Ron Burgundy. And then I forgot about Anchorman 2 until the DVD came out… Anchorman 2 […]

The Lego Movie

Everything is awesome! Actually…the only thing about The Lego Movie that’s not awesome is the song, “Everything is Awesome” – because that song has been stuck in my head for weeks on end. It’s the only thing I hear. Maybe I shouldn’t have switched my ringtone from “What Does the Fox Say?” to “Everything is […]

Magic Mike

Unless they were swinging their trouser snakes around, this movie was utterly boring. Actually, the trouser snake slinging wasn’t all that exciting either. I guess we’re old ladies now, but there used to be a time when trouser snake slinging was exciting. Back when we were 18, our moms took my BFF and I to […]

Bad Grandpa

I only hesitate to crown Bad Grandpa the funniest film of 2013 because Anchorman 2 hasn’t come out yet and judging from the trailer, I’ll be sharting myself laughing. Not that I shouldn’t have worn Depends to see Bad Grandpa – it would’ve been a good idea. Better safe than sharty, I always say. (Although […]


Is it any wonder that when I got married, I had no bridesmaids, no bridal shower, and almost none of the normal shenanigans that accompany most weddings? (I DID have a bachelorette party, an amazing bacchanalian event that I barely remember, although I’m not quite sure if the faded memory is due to the ravages […]


Clue…the original movie based on a board game. We’re back on track with family movie night and after scrolling through Netflix for half an hour, we switched to Amazon Prime, looking for Beastmaster, after suspecting that Conan the Destroyer might be a bit too violent. But before we found Beastmaster, we found Clue. A post […]

21 Jump Street

All the little teen girls can have Zac Efron. Robert Pattison and Taylor Lautner do nothing for me either. Ryan Gosling…again, not interested. But when it comes to Channing Tatum, I do understand…there’s something about him that makes me want to rip his picture out of magazines and plaster them all over my cubicle. It’s […]