The House of Yes

“…a different kind of insanity,” said my pal Justin. Apt statement since I said, “This is fucked up!” about every five minutes while watching this film. Another friend, Chad, suggested that I watch this film when I came to a ‘dead celebrities’ party dressed as Jackie O. He said my costume would be better if […]

Multiple Maniacs

I am glad I am not Catholic. This is the one John Waters film that I will not let my Catholic friends watch. Not because I believe in sacrilege and not because I respect Catholisism. In fact, I am pretty biased against it. I just want my Catholic friends to continue to be my Catholic […]

Female Trouble

This is the first ‘naughty’ Waters film that I ever saw. I had only seen Hairspray and I loved it, so I decided to check out some other ones. This was the first one that I came across (in my local Blockbuster, no less. It was right next to ‘Ganjasaurus.’) Absolutely my favorite John Waters […]


A semi-autobiographical film by John Waters? Yep. That’s what Pecker seems to be. John Waters examines the effects of fame and money on the life of a teenage photographer and his family. His world is turned upside down, his artwork loses much of its meaning and validity AND there are devasting effects on his personal […]