Desperate Living

This is it…as of now, I have seen every single John Water film that is available to be seen…and I saved the most fucked-up for last! Divine isn’t in it – but it’s still great. Jean Hill more than fills the space vacated by Divine (literally and figuratively). David Lochary is sadly missed from this […]

The Rage: Carrie 2

LAME. 90 minutes of lame-ass shit was not worth the 10 minutes of cool shit in this film. Harpoon through the crotch was cool. Fireplace poker through 2 heads, in one shot, was cool. The chick from American Beauty nose diving into a car was cool. Being shot with a flare gun was almost cool. […]

Female Trouble

This is the first ‘naughty’ Waters film that I ever saw. I had only seen Hairspray and I loved it, so I decided to check out some other ones. This was the first one that I came across (in my local Blockbuster, no less. It was right next to ‘Ganjasaurus.’) Absolutely my favorite John Waters […]

The Doom Generation

This is my second favorite film of all time. I’m not sure why. I don’t know anybody else who likes this film. No one. It made my friend Stacy cry. Another friend, Justin, tells anyone who asks that they should “Never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never ever” watch this film. That’s right, eight […]

Pink Flamingos

Every time I see this flick, it gets better and better. Not the way that a fine wine gets better with age, but more like the way a pair of sneakers age. The first time you wear them, they make you uncomfortable, but with every time you wear ’em, they become a part of you. […]

There’s Something About Mary

I have not seen Dumb and Dumber, nor do I plan on it anytime in the future. Even my mother told me I should see it, but Jim Carrey is like someone running their fingernails down a chalkboard. She also is the one who said I should see Kingpin. Woody Harrelson is pretty hot, so […]


Written by, directed by and starring South Park co-creater Trey Parker…Oh, what a heavy burden to bear. The pressure to supply big laughs must be an almost unbearable burden by now. But probably not…. Trey Parker is a Mormon missionary in LA. He gets talked into being a porn star – because he needs the […]