The Cell

Drugs. This guy has done a lot of drugs. As farfetched as the concept for this film was, somehow it worked. But it goes without saying that the plot was secondary to the cinematography. This was an amazingly beautiful, yet disturbing film to watch. The sets were amazing and the costumes were crazy. The only […]

Cecil B. DeMented

Life is like a crab cake? Last night, I crept to the UA Cine all by myself to see John Water’s latest film. It was a week later than I would have liked to see it…but that’s another story entirely. I am glad that I was alone – I wouldn’t have wanted to explain what […]

The Young Poisoner’s Handbook

A cross between A Clockwork Orange and The Butcher Boy. I had been wanting to see this for a long time – there used to be a poster in the window of the Video Update I used to go to, before it burned down anyway…Just having the word ‘poisoner’ in the title was good enough […]

American Psycho

“I absolutely loved it. It reminded me of ‘My Fair Lady.’ And it was the only movie I’ve seen that made me want to go out and buy new luggage.” — John Waters on the film “American Psycho.” Hmmmm…I never knew that a naked man, covered in blood, chasing a prostitute with a chainsaw could […]

Clay Pigeons

I have never seen someone more shit upon in a film than Clay Birdwell (Joaquin Phoenix). His best friend frames him for his own suicide for screwing his wife. The wife then refuses to back him up on it, even though she knows the truth. He then has to make it look like an accident. […]

Serial Mom

After the relatively tame Hairspray and Cry-Baby, it’s good to see John Waters get back to his roots – killin’, killin’ and more killin’! In a world where over 60% of road rage is perpetrated by women, it’s good to see it on the big screen in context of the homemaker instead of the homebreaker, […]

In Dreams

Titanic, Psycho and Sybil in a blender. You’ve got got the decrepit underwater city that reminds one a bit too much of the remains of the Titanic. You’ve got the ‘evil mother caused the boy to turn into a killer’ angle. You’ve got the psychological trauma of voices in the head. On top of that, […]

Multiple Maniacs

I am glad I am not Catholic. This is the one John Waters film that I will not let my Catholic friends watch. Not because I believe in sacrilege and not because I respect Catholisism. In fact, I am pretty biased against it. I just want my Catholic friends to continue to be my Catholic […]

Pink Flamingos

Every time I see this flick, it gets better and better. Not the way that a fine wine gets better with age, but more like the way a pair of sneakers age. The first time you wear them, they make you uncomfortable, but with every time you wear ’em, they become a part of you. […]