X2: X-Men United

So shoot me, I am the only person on the planet who didn’t like X2 better than the first one. Bah. Don’t get me wrong, I liked it a lot. A whole lot, a lot! It just seemed to meander so much. And it was soooooooo long. Not Lord of the Rings long, but long […]


SPIDER-MAN…from the man who brought you…The Evil Dead? I found myself asking…myself…that in the theater. Can this film possibly be by the same guy who envisioned a camping trip SO horrible that a women was raped by a tree? Has the once cult Sam Raimi sold out to become big box office? Truthfully, I was […]

Blade II

Whistler is alive! Actually, I was surprised at how well bringing him back worked. Of course, I knew from all the commercials that he was back – and that alone gave me misgivings about the film – I hate it when filmmakers just ignore it when people die! But making him a vampire prisoner was […]

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

As my best friend said, this movie should have been called “The League of Extraordinary Shittiness.” Before you get your panties in a wad – no, I haven’t read the graphic novel, so that’s not why it sucks. It sucks because…it just sucks. There’s no plot to speak of – the best I could come […]


I enjoyed the hell out of it, even though I have never read an X-Men comic in my life. It was Wolverine’s tight boot cuts. It had to be. That is where that 57.5 Million dollars came from last weekend. I admit it – I like dirty men. No, actually, I like dirty-looking men, that […]


This is not Blacula. What I mean is that Blade is not about just sticking a black man in a traditionally white role to try to appeal to the black audience. Blade is about kicking some vampire ass. Blade (Wesley Snipes) is like Harker and Dracula all rolled into one. Kris Kristofferson is kinda like […]