I haven’t had any hacking problems in…13 years? The last time I had any kind of problem with this site was in 2005, when my phpBB got hacked by script kiddies. While devastating at the time, little did I know that Facebook would kill off message boards a short time later…

This Drupalgeddon 2 though, this is for real. ALL of my sites got infected via the vulnerability in my Drupal installation. I’ve updated and patched Drupal several times – it is a long and painful process. شرح موقع 1xbet I don’t recommend it to anyone. So I threw Drupal in the Fuckit Bucket and am in the process of migrating to WordPress. العاب اونلاين للايفون All of my content has made it over, safe and sound – now I’m just working on the look and feel.

I appreciate your patience as I refresh the site and figure out a final layout. 2018 marks TWENTY FUCKING YEARS that I’ve been doing this. Twenty years is a long time…I feel like I should think of a way to celebrate… ماكسيميليان إبراهيموفيتش


Posted on April 27, 2018

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