Although I didn’t see Coneheads when it first came out, I remember it well. Or rather, I remember how hard Subway whored itself out for the Coneheads movie. Consume mass quantities, indeed.

Surprisingly, Coneheads is one of the better films spun off from an SNL skit. It’s not The Blues Brothers or Wayne’s World, but it’s not It’s Pat or The Ladies Man, either. Dan Akroyd and Jane Curtin reprise their Conehead characters from the 70s, but instead of Laraine Newman as their daughter Connie, they get Michelle Burke. Most of SNL’s current cast is on hand to fill out the rest of the roles – Chris Farley as Connie’s boyfriend, David Spade as an INS Agent, Adam Sandler as a crook and Phil Hartman as the head Conehead (um, redundant?). I wonder if Lorne Michaels forces each SNL cast member to sign a contract promising to star in any spin-off film he sees fit? I wonder if they even get paid? Personally, I’m still waiting for the Mango movie.

Watching Coneheads, I kept feeling twinges of nostalgia. The whole film is oh-so-90s, especially Connie’s wardrobe. I remember wearing clothes with flags all over them and black tights and Docs with EVERYTHING. At least I had hair though.

It was also really bizarre seeing Parker Posey and Joey Lauren Adams as Connie’s teenage pals. What are they doing in a mainstream movie? Maybe they wandered in from the Dazed and Confused set…

All in all, a cute movie. Could’ve used a bit less product placement, but I guess Lorne’s got to pay the bills somehow.


Way better than I thought it would be, in a sex with inanimate objects sort of way.

I laughed my ass off in this film. I was fully expecting another It’s Pat! (don’t give me any shit about watching it, I just wanted to see Ween!). Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised by Superstar, especially since I never found the SNL skits very funny at all. I personally dig on the Spartan Spirit Cheerleaders – I hope they have a film come out soon. Anyway, the reason this film is so funny is because it is so random. Bizarrely random…like an entire cafeteria doing the robot, like satan girl singing The Devil Went Down to Georgia, like that nasty dog with a mohawk…

Directed by Kids in the Hall alum, Bruce McCulloch (flying pig!) and stars another Kid, Mark McKinney as Father Ritley – pure heaven! I miss the orgiastic ecstasy of my college days, staying up and watching Kids in the Hall marathons, eating pizza out of the box and drinking wine out of the bag, smoking two packs of cigarettes a day and not coughing, being in love with old school Comedy Central, because after The Ben Stiller Show was Kids in the Hall…whoa! Sorry about the flashback, it happens sometimes.

I was probably the oldest person in the theater when I went to see this film. I was laughing at totally different things, because, as my friend Michelle is always quick to point out, I was a teenager in the 80s! I thought it was marvelous to have Glynis Johns play Mary Katherine’s wheelchair-ridden grandmother. Of course, no one else in the theater remembered her as the suffragette Mrs. Banks in Mary Poppins, or any of her other musical work. I was the only one in the theater who laughed when God put Spirit of the Sky in the CD player. (Remember the Krokus version of that song in the 80s? Totally rad!) I was also probably the only one who thought Laura Palmer every time Mary made out with a tree. (Ok, I admit that’s a little obscure, not too many people remember Twin Peaks these days, much less have read The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer.)

I liked Tom Green as Sky’s sidekick. He was just as obnoxious as the ones I remember. Harland Williams was so hot (I have this thing for mentally unstable guys, if you haven’t noticed) as the crazy motorcycle mute Slater. I was totally touched by the scene where Mary, covered in paint, runs out of the school and rides off into the sunset as Sister Christian (another of my absolute favorite 80s songs) screams in the background. (I think that was ripped straight from Footloose, but correct me if I’m wrong.) I think that was the second best use of that song, next to that stressful as hell scene out of Boogie Nights.

If you wanna laugh your ass off, go see this film. But go during the days, so your “sophisticated” friends that are going to see For the Love of the Game or Runaway Bride won’t make fun of you.