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My son is currently ending a run in his high school’s production of Chicago, hence our household being soaked in “All That Jazz” for the last several months. (On a side note, these kids did an AMAZING job in this production – I mean, live music in a high school musical? Unheard of!) I’d never seen the play before, or even the movie version. Better late than never, right?

I can see how Chicago managed to nab Best Picture – it really is a spectacle of a film. The idea to stage most of the musical numbers in Roxie’s head was genius and well executed, although it caused the pacing to be stilted in parts.

Catherine Zeta-Jones also deserved 100% of her Oscar win – she was electrifying as Velma Kelley, stealing the show from Renee Zellweger. You know, I traditionally don’t care much for Renee Zellweger one way or another, but I hated her in Chicago. I wanted to punch her in the fucking face…no, I wanted to punch Roxie Hart in the fucking face. I guess that means that Zellweger did a good job, because she made me absolutely hate her character.

Poor Richard Gere, the only main actor who didn’t get nominated. Hell, John C. Reilly and Queen Latifah got nominated.

Cell Block Tango is the best musical number, followed closely by I Can’t Do it By Myself. Basically, every scene with Zeta-Jones was magic. I was missing My Baby and Me, one of my favorites from the stage version.

I gagged a little bit when the credits started and I saw “Harvey Weinstein” – so I guess that’s going to be a thing that happens now when I watch old Miramax films.

I was on the fence about the rating – is it two BOBs or three? Ultimately, I decided on three, because my husband – who hates musicals – sat through the whole thing. I know, I was shocked, too!

The House of Yes

“…a different kind of insanity,” said my pal Justin. Apt statement since I said, “This is fucked up!” about every five minutes while watching this film. Another friend, Chad, suggested that I watch this film when I came to a ‘dead celebrities’ party dressed as Jackie O. He said my costume would be better if I had a bit of ketchup and macaroni on my dress to suggest a ‘brain stain’…

This film makes Jerry Springer look like a tea party. Incest, insanity, delusions of grandeur…Parker Posey and Josh Hamilton are twins. When they where born, “…her tiny hand was wrapped around his penis.” You can follow from there…I will leave Posey’s cutting portrayal of Jackie O. for a sweet surprise.

Except for Tori Spelling, the cast is stellar. It is easy to tell that the film was adapted from a stage play though. The structure is too obvious and the dialogue is sing-song at times, but for the most part it will keep you on the edge of your seat.