Drugs. Watching Rango made me feel like I was on a large quantity of psychedelic drugs. I’m not just saying that because Raoul Duke and the Great Red Shark made a cameo…although it helped. The whole film had a dark and trippy feel. It’s like the plot was a peyote fever dream left over after […]

Shanghai Knights

I had a migraine when I left the theater – probably because I rolled my eyes so many times. It sucked…but it was on the better end of suckdom. It didn’t suck as much as Spy Game, but it was still miles below Shanghai Noon in quality. I’ll be generous and give it 2 BOBs […]

Shanghai Noon

Better than Mission: Impossible 2. Yes – for once I am agreeing with critics… There was a lot of ass-kicking action – though it was all rather tame, but unlike John Woo – it is okay for Jackie Chan to make a PG-13 film. Expected even. The film should have been subtitled Dignan’s Next Score. […]