Getting Schooled

The Breakfast Club meets Apocalypse Now – how’s that for a fucking amazing tagline? The people who brought us The Haunted Trailer were back at Frightmare with another locally made horror film. I was tentatively afraid that Getting Schooled would be a rehash of Haunted Trailer, but it was totally different in tone and content. […]

Axe Giant: The Wrath of Paul Bunyan

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times – Paul Bunyan needs his own horror movie. I’ve never said that. I’m fairly certain that NO ONE in the span of human history has EVER said that. But here I am, reviewing Paul Bunyan’s horror movie. The big “star” is Grizzly Adams himself […]

The Haunted Trailer

Not enough farts. Definitely needed more farts. Just kidding, there were plenty of farts in The Haunted Trailer – farts in practically every scene. I love farts. My best friend also loves farts. (When we get together with some Burger King Onion Rings…watch out!) My eight year old son loves farts, probably because he is […]

Black Devil Doll

I’ve always had a soft spot for tiny killers, especially killer dolls. I also have a soft spot for complete filth…so is it any wonder that I snatched up the DVD for Black Devil Doll as soon as I passed the booth at Frightmare? I am not even exaggerating – Black Devil Doll is utterly […]

Texas Frightmare Massacre

How does Parrish Randall know what dog vagina tastes like? I guess there are just some questions that I’ll never know the answer to…although, I bet I could ask my 3 year old, because she won’t stop letting the dog lick her open mouth, no matter how much I scream at her. I guess I […]