Zombies Vs. Strippers

We had a difficult decision tonight…Zombies Vs. Strippers or The Tale of the Voodoo Prostitute. I know…how on earth did we choose? Zombies Vs. Strippers is about a zombie invasion in a strip club, not to be confused with Zombie Strippers, a movie in which the strippers are actual zombies. Other than that, the films […]

Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys

I honestly don’t know who’s worse – Corey Feldman or Vanessa Angel. Don’t get me wrong – they both suck. A lot. I would be hard pressed to say who would win more in a sucking contest. On the one hand, there’s Corey Feldman. Anyone who saw him in the first season of The Surreal […]

Blood Dolls

More crap from the writer of those weird ass Puppetmaster movies. Actually, I am not sure why it wasn’t called Puppetmaster 15 or Demonic Toys 9 – it had exactly the same plot….evil dolls, under the control of some freakass with a grudge against his mother/wife/women in general, go on a killing spree. This time, […]