January 14, 2013

We had a difficult decision tonight…Zombies Vs. Strippers or The Tale of the Voodoo Prostitute. I know…how on earth did we choose?

Zombies Vs. Strippers is about a zombie invasion in a strip club, not to be confused with Zombie Strippers, a movie in which the strippers are actual zombies. Other than that, the films are pretty similar…titties and zombies, zombies and titties.

I didn’t realize it until after we had finished watching it, but the film is actually kind of Tarantino-esque. I don’t mean the fact that it takes place in a Tiki-themed strip club called the Tough Titty, as much as the tone and the way characters interact. Besides the violence, all of stripper music was Surf Rock, although I was POSITIVE that all strippers danced to ‘Pour Some Sugar on Me.’ (Just goes to show how long it has been since I’ve been in a titty bar.) In addition, one of the characters was a born again biker named Red Wings (yes, it means EXACTLY what you think it means) and he was spouting religious nonsense. The black stripper was basically an amalgamation of every Pam Greer character from the 70s. There were multiple Mexican Standoffs…and really, who can see a Mexican Standoff without thinking Tarantino?

Zombies are almost to the point of overdone right now, so I get REALLY excited when I see something new when it comes to zombies. Zombies Vs. Strippers did show me something new…zombies actually eating each other while having sex. Not eating like 69, but actually biting pieces of flesh off of each other. It was pretty damn funny.

It was mercifully short at 75 minutes, short even for a Full Moon picture. There were funny moments, but the beginning was painfully slow. I do recommend the film though, even if it’s just for the dancing Michael Jackson zombie.

Year – 2012
Rating – R
Runtime – 75 minutes
Genre – 75
Director(s) – Alex Nicolaou
Writer(s) – Nick Francomano, Alex Nicolaou, Kent Roudebush
Actor(s) – Circus-Szalewski, Eve Mauro, Victoria Levine, Adriana Sephora, J. Scott
BOB Rating – Two BOBs
Favorite Quote – "This meth head robot is right, this guy is nuts." - Ramboner (Patrick Lazzara)