The Batman

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Lara (@knobbygirl) Why was this film so damned loooong? It was a smidgen under three hours, and shorter than Endgame…but it felt like three damn days. If it felt that long on my couch, I cannot imagine how long it felt in the theater. […]


Clue…the original movie based on a board game. We’re back on track with family movie night and after scrolling through Netflix for half an hour, we switched to Amazon Prime, looking for Beastmaster, after suspecting that Conan the Destroyer might be a bit too violent. But before we found Beastmaster, we found Clue. A post […]

Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events

I’m well aware that it’s not Jim Carrey’s life’s ambition to put in a performance that makes knobbygirl happy, but really – shouldn’t it be? Shouldn’t he WANT to make me happy? Jim Carrey strikes out again as Count Olaf, the diabolical nemesis and cause of the unfortunate events that continually befall the Baudelaire orphans. […]

The Black Dahlia

Wretched. I was tempted to let that one word serve as the entire review – but I could hardly do that to my adoring public, now could I? I’ve got to fill you in with every boring moment and clichéd nuance that Brian De Palma has served to us on a film noir platter. The […]

Donnie Darko

Very, very strange. Very, very good. Russ has been on my case several months to see this movie. He watched it one night after work while I was asleep and he really liked it. So, I borrowed it from Sean and it sat on my shelf a few months…so we finally gt around to watching […]

Mulholland Dr.

Sometimes I start to think that David Lynch has quit making films and instead has decided to start fucking with our heads, just for his own amusement, but then all the pieces fall into place and I wonder how I ever could have doubted him. I just got home from watching a free sneak preview […]