January 14, 2006

What exactly has been lubricated here?

As I see it, the word “lubricated” in the title could be referring to one of two things. “Lubricated” as in partaking of alcoholic beverages, as alcohol is often referred to as a social lubricant. Much, much alcohol is consumed throughout the film – in almost every scene in fact. But “Lubricated” could also be taken literally, as most action in the film revolves around the pursuit of sex. There is definitely more talk than action, but a couple of the characters do find satisfaction – physical, although not emotional. I suspect the filmmakers are cleverer (is that even a word?) than they would have you believe and had both connotations in mind when they named their effort.

After seeing both Bums and Alive and Lubricated, I’m really interested in the filmmakers’ curious view of women. Women are portrayed as holding an inordinate amount of power in their world, surely more than they hold in the real world. It’s a malevolent power – as if having a vagina confers the power to engage in any type of behavior without consequence. Of course, the behaviors primarily consist of infidelity – and the women exhibit a sense of entitlement when caught. Almost as if it were their right? If there’s even a shred of truth to Dicky/Dave’s experiences – the filmmakers have hooked up with some seriously fucked up bitches. If I ever go to Canada, I’ll have to give them a big fucking hug. And maybe a wedgie for putting up with shit like that. No snatch is worth that.

What was up with the scene in the park? Some random girl shows up for deep conversation and a swig of beer? Huh?

I also did not understand the part with the tomatoes and the hookers. Must be a Canadian thing.

So my favorite character was Morris. The way he tongued that beer bottle – priceless. There’s no shame in being horny. And although there is a fair amount of shame in paying for sex, it’s probably about on par with dipping into your roommate’s sloppy seconds or digging on fat chicks. Speaking of digging on fat chicks, I like Willy Boy’s entrance music. Sometimes I have entrance music in my head when I enter a room. Sometimes it’s swanky like Willy Boy’s…but sometimes it’s circus music. I guess I need to work on that.

Year – 2005
Rating – UR
Runtime – 75 minutes
Genre – Indie
Director(s) – Jason and Brett Butler
Writer(s) – Jason and Brett Butler
Actor(s) – Jason Butler, Brett Butler, Craig Greenham, Tina O'Neill, Matt Morris
BOB Rating – Two BOBs
Favorite Quote – "The last time I got laid was by a fat hooker with fried egg tits..." - Morris (Matt Morris)