March 13, 1999

Is it me, or does Owen Wilson remind you of a young Dennis Hopper? That nose has been broken way too many times for someone that young. Not only his appearance, but his voice and acting style remind me of Easy Rider. I thought that when I saw him in Armageddon, which was way before I saw Bottle Rocket. Edgy – that is the word to describe him.

But his brother Luke…I covered the drool factor in my review of Rushmore. Anyway, Bottle Rocket is the story of three losers who aspire to something greater – to be criminals. Technically they are criminals, albeit incompetent ones. Their quest for greatness is not only noble, but daring and at times, downright pitiful.

Like most Indie Films, Bottle Rocket is rather slow at times. Anthony’s courtship with Inez grated on my nerves at times, but also was sweeter and more innocent than most filmic romances. Filmed in Texas, this is another bright example of the film industry blossoming in Austin. Hopefully it won’t dry out like the Dallas music scene did a few years ago. (In 1995, Dallas gave forth The Toadies, Deep Blue Something, Tripping Daisy, etc…After one year in the MTV Buzz Bin, they have not been seen in the national spotlight since.)

On a more personal note…a girl who went to my Alma Mater, UTD, was in this film. She was the sorority girl in pink sweater and pearls who questions Anthony about his reappearance. I didn’t really know her, but apparently, she broke the heart of this guy I know named Joel. I beat him at wrestling once, while I was drunk. It’s a small world.


Year – 1996
Rating – R
Runtime – 92 minutes
Genre – Indie
Director(s) – Wes Anderson
Writer(s) – Owen Wilson, Wes Anderson
Actor(s) – Owen Wilson, Luke Wilson
BOB Rating – Three BOBs
Favorite Quote – "They'll never catch me...because I'm fucking innocent." - Dignan (Owen Wilson)