I didn’t think they could cram so many shit jokes into one film. And I don’t mean mere shit humor, I mean fingers up the butt, Port-o-potties exploding, septic tank trucks overturning, people falling into sewers…

This film was dumb as shit (hehehe, I’m funny), but I laughed so hard that my stomach hurt. Any film about wrestling is doomed to be dumb. There is no intelligent way to deal with the subject of ‘Professional Wrestling.’ (Sorry Sean.)

David Arquette seemed to be playing the same character from those dumb 1-800-CALL-ATT commercials. And whoever wrote the screenplay for this stole that finger up the butt thing directly from Mallrats. But damn, Rose McGowan was sexy.

When I was little, I watched GLOW religiously. I think I would have made an awesome GLOW girl…and if you don’t know what a GLOW girl is, you are definitely not white trash enough. Go look it up, you yuppie scum!

Wait until it comes on cable to watch it.