I felt screwed after watching this.

It wasn’t so much bad, as it was boring and predictable. The only clever bit was the fact that all the characters were named after dead presidents – Willard [Millard] Fillmore, Rusty P. [Rutherford B.] Hayes and Grover Cleaver [Cleveland].

I usually like Norm McDonald. I even thought Dirty Work was really fucking funny…and of course I like Dave Chappelle – he’s Sir Smoke-A-Lot! But they really didn’t have any kind of chemistry.

The only funny part was Sherman Hemsley as the underhanded sycophant, Chip Oswald – not coincidentally named asfter a presidential assasin…I really didn’t need to see him in a speedo though. Actually there were two funny parts, if you counted “Rusty’s Juicy Chicken Hole.”

Please avoid this movie like the plague.