Cult of Chucky

Poor Andy. It’s really hard to get laid when your childhood was ruined by a killer doll. A post shared by Lara (@knobbygirl) on Dec 8, 2017 at 6:35pm PST Kudos to Chucky (?) For bringing back the original Andy! There’s a bit of meta-power to bringing back the originals…although I would’ve loved a scene […]

Child’s Play 3

The kids just can’t get enough of Chucky! A post shared by Lara (@knobbygirl) on Nov 27, 2017 at 6:31pm PST After what I imagine is dozens of foster homes, poor Andy is now 16 and in military school. It’s rather disappointing that the film spends more time showing Andy being bullied by his commanding […]

Child’s Play 2

One kid wanted to go see Daddy’s Home 2 and the other one wanted to go see Thor: Ragnarok. Obviously, the only sensible compromise was to take them home and force them to watch Child’s Play 2. A post shared by Lara (@knobbygirl) on Nov 20, 2017 at 5:47pm PST After the events of the […]

Child’s Play

The time has come…for my children to become men. Well, maybe just one of them – not the daughter. A post shared by Lara (@knobbygirl) on Oct 28, 2017 at 4:26pm PDT Texas Frightmare Weekend has already announced ‘A Celebration of Chucky’ for 2018, so I’ve got to get the kids prepared. Logan got to […]

Black Devil Doll

I’ve always had a soft spot for tiny killers, especially killer dolls. I also have a soft spot for complete filth…so is it any wonder that I snatched up the DVD for Black Devil Doll as soon as I passed the booth at Frightmare? I am not even exaggerating – Black Devil Doll is utterly […]

Piñata: Survival Island

Does it surprise you at ALL that I would watch a movie about a killer piñata? If you are even the least bit surprised, then you don’t know me very well at all. It’s not the kind of piñata you’re imagining. This killer piñata didn’t come from Party City. No paper mâché here – this […]


Another killer doll movie? After 8 years and almost 300 reviews…it’s probably obvious that I have a thing for killer dolls. I’ll always tune in for the exploits of the Demonic Toys, the Puppet Master, Dollman, the Blood Dolls of of course, the king of them all – Chucky. So of course, I’ve got to […]

Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys

I honestly don’t know who’s worse – Corey Feldman or Vanessa Angel. Don’t get me wrong – they both suck. A lot. I would be hard pressed to say who would win more in a sucking contest. On the one hand, there’s Corey Feldman. Anyone who saw him in the first season of The Surreal […]

Seed of Chucky

As we were sitting in the dark, waiting for the previews to begin, I was put in the position of rationalizing why I felt it was necessary to go see Seed of Chucky on opening weekend. I tried to explain what a big deal it was – that it was like Lord of the Rings. […]

Blood Dolls

More crap from the writer of those weird ass Puppetmaster movies. Actually, I am not sure why it wasn’t called Puppetmaster 15 or Demonic Toys 9 – it had exactly the same plot….evil dolls, under the control of some freakass with a grudge against his mother/wife/women in general, go on a killing spree. This time, […]