November 21, 2017

One kid wanted to go see Daddy’s Home 2 and the other one wanted to go see Thor: Ragnarok. Obviously, the only sensible compromise was to take them home and force them to watch Child’s Play 2.

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After the events of the first film, the mom is in the nut hatch and Andy is in foster care. His case worker (Grace Zabriskie AKA Sarah Palmer!) sends him to live with Jenny Agutter and the tough chick from 90210. Jenny Agutter is the worst foster mother on the planet – she sends Andy to school with a fucking egg salad sandwich. It’s like she wants him to be beat up!

In their infinite wisdom, the toy corporation responsible for the Good Guys dolls decide to “fix” Chucky. So then Chucky decides to “fix” Andy…but the cutthroat world of foster care has made Andy a tough little motherfucker…

Honestly, I spent most of the film explaining 90s fashion to my kids…They had so many questions about why people were dressed like that. The hardest one to explain were the slouch socks – no, they are NOT leg warmers. Yes, it’s way more sock than any one person needs.

My kids didn’t agree on whether this one was better than the first one or not…I told therm to buckle up, because we still have 5 Chucky movies to go…

Year – 1990
Rating – R
Runtime – 84 minutes
Genre – Killer Dolls
Director(s) – John Lafia
Writer(s) – Don Mancini
Actor(s) – Alex Vincent, Jenny Agutter, Gerrit Graham, Christine Elise, Brad Dourif
BOB Rating – Two BOBs
Favorite Quote – "You've seen dolls that pee? This one bleeds." - Kyle (Christine Elise)