Toy Story 3

The first time I saw Toy Story 3, I totally started crying when Andy finally handed Woody over to Bonnie. Even now, roughly 537 viewings later, I still get all weepy at the end…so weepy that I get paranoid that I need to take a pregnancy test or something. Lots of people cry during movies […]

Toy Story

Can you believe that I have never seen Toy Story before now? You CAN’T believe it? You think I’m fucking lying? Why would I lie about that? What do I have to gain by admitting that I hadn’t seen the single, most important piece of Computer Animation until 15 years after its initial release? Well…FUUUUUUUUUCK […]


I was trying to think of a way to introduce my son to my favorite comic – Patton Oswalt – and Pixar came through for me. My son only made it through the first 13 minutes the first time we tried to watch Ratatouille. The scene in which Remy is separated from his family was […]

The Incredibles

Ohhhh PIXAR…I was on the fence, but now I’ve decided. PIXAR good. Dreamworks not so good. I’m sorry Dreamworks…we can still be friends, right? It’s not you, it’s me. I just don’t like you in that way. I love you, but I’m not IN LOVE with you. Am I seeing someone else? No, of course […]


Finding Nemo

We finally got to go see Finding Nemo! And there was only one yowling kid in the whole theater! Zero would have been better, but one is definitely better than 100. Regardless of the kid and a raging migraine, I managed to enjoy Finding Nemo quite a bit. I should know better than to go […]