Team America: World Police

America – FUCK YEAH! Seriously, why haven’t we officially changed our national anthem to that song yet? I would much rather hear that song before every sports event than our current national anthem. Those who know me, know I like puppets. Especially fucking puppets. My obsession started early with The Muppet Show. As an adult, […]

Black Devil Doll

I’ve always had a soft spot for tiny killers, especially killer dolls. I also have a soft spot for complete filth…so is it any wonder that I snatched up the DVD for Black Devil Doll as soon as I passed the booth at Frightmare? I am not even exaggerating – Black Devil Doll is utterly […]

Green Porno

“Why would she do something like that?” That’s what my husband asked me after I forced him to watch Green Porno. My response was “Why wouldn’t she?” If someone asked me to dress up in spandex, wear a bug mask and hump a cardboard cut-out of a bumblebee, I would be all like, “Where do […]

The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland

I recently watched Elmo in Grouchland for the first of what may eventually be hundreds of times. It wasn’t that bad…but I’ll get back to you after viewing 793. There’s not much plot – Elmo loses his favorite blanket and goes to Grouchland to find it. Yes, Grouchland is Oscar’s homeland – a place full […]

Meet the Feebles

I am from the ‘Muppet Show’ era. My favorite episode was the one with Liza Minnelli. In it, she and that big ugly monster (that I can never remember the name of) did a musical number to Copacabana. Imagine Liza Minnelli naked on rollerskates, smoking crack while the big ugly monster sells acid to schoolchildren […]