September 9, 2008

I am now a woman obsessed. Everywhere I look, I now notice the combovers. I can’t stop staring. Even my little baby is sporting a combover!

Combover: The Movie is a documentary capturing the filmmaker’s quest for “extreme combovers.” He literally stands around on busy streets, holding a sign that says “Extreme Combovers Wanted.” As you can imagine, he has a hard time getting combover-ers to be filmed for an interview, even though he is offering $500. He does manage to score a few interviews – by far the strangest guy is the 24 year old skater punk with a combover. He can grow a full head of hair, yet he prefers to shave a bald spot and grow a really long flap to plaster down over it. He has even grown a little molester mustache to match. I can’t remember if he said he is a virgin or if he just hasn’t gotten laid since he started the combover.

The filmmaker spends a lot of time in Texas, leading me to think that my home state is the combover capital of the world. He holds a “best combover” contest at Bill’s Records down in Richardson, where I went to college. He then treks all the way out to an Auto Zone in Lewisville (which the subtitles have hilariously misspelled as Louisville) to see Otis, owner of a really choice combover. I’m guessing that Auto Zone doesn’t pay much, because Otis puts in an interview. The crew then treks down to Pecos, Texas to find the granddaddy of all combovers. I cannot even explain the fabulosity of his combover. It was like a 3 part basket weave, starting at the nape of his neck. No, basket weave is not the right word – it was more like 3 separate flaps, meshed together. That’s not it – you just have to see it to believe it!

The combover is the new mullet!

Year – 2005
Rating –
Runtime – 54 minutes
Genre – Documentary
Director(s) – Tim Fenoglio, Chris Marino
Writer(s) – Tim Fenoglio, Chris Marino
Actor(s) –
BOB Rating – Three BOBs
Favorite Quote –