February 24, 2009

Jason Lee + Crispin Glover + necrophilia jokes = Drop Dead Sexy.

Jason Lee should NOT be allowed to wear his “Earl” mustache in other films! It’s just too damn confusing – I kept expecting him to whip out his list.

I never thought I would see Crispin Glover as a sidekick in a buddy film after Rubin & Ed. (Ask me about the film designated as “The Funniest Film Ever Made” by the Manager of Cox Video – it’s pretty fucking funny.) He doesn’t quite shed his mantle of weirdness, thank god. I don’t think I could handle it if he all of a sudden started playing it straight.

Drop Dead Sexy owes much to the originator of “corpse on a field trip” films, Weekend at Bernie’s. (It eats me up inside, but I gotta give credit where credit is due.) I wish I could say that Drop Dead Sexy does it better – but it doesn’t. At least Weekend at Bernie’s has necrophilia going for it – for all the jokes leading up to it, Crispin never actually does the deed…

Year – 2005
Rating – R
Runtime – 83 minutes
Genre – Straight to Cable
Director(s) – Michael Philip
Writer(s) – Paul Doiron, John Benjamin Martin
Actor(s) – Jason Lee, Crispin Glover, Lin Shaye, Xander Berkeley, Brad Dourif
BOB Rating – Two BOBs
Favorite Quote –