June 16, 2012

The good thing about having friends – besides getting into shenanigans – is forcing them to watch movies you love. So after forcing Amy to watch Carrie (They’re all gonna laugh at you!), she forced me to watch Grandma’s Boy. She’d been after me for probably a year to see it, even lent me the DVD, but I never got around to watching it. (I did, however, get around to watching the Shorty Mac DVD. My response to that horrorshow was a text message that said, “Fuck you.”)

Grandma’s Boy is like an Adam Sandler movie, except without Adam Sandler. It was made by Happy Madison Productions and has the usual Adam Sandler co-stars, so I might as well put it into that category. Alex loves his grandma just as much as Happy Gilmore and he’s just as immature as Billy Madison, so it fits. They’re all pretty much the same movie, when you think about it…

More Nick Swardson! I don’t necessarily want to watch him starring in a film – Bucky Larson looks pretty shitty – I just want him in a large supporting role. Preferably one where he is acting creepy as fuck. That’s what I liked about Pretend Time ans Reno: 911 – he was always creepy as fuck.

I laughed quite a bit – this is one of those films I can see watching again, but not alone. You HAVE to have someone else there, laughing with you.


Year – 2006
Rating – R
Runtime – 94 minutes
Genre – Adam Sandler Movie (without Adam Sandler)
Director(s) – Nicholaus Goossen
Writer(s) – Barry Wernick, Allen Covert, Nick Swardson
Actor(s) – Allen Covert, Doris Roberts, Nick Swardson, Linda Cardellini, Shirley Jones
BOB Rating – Two BOBs
Favorite Quote – "I once gave Charlie Chaplin a handjob." - Grace (Shirley Jones)