Poor Veronica (Winona Rider). Beautiful, rich and popular and she still hates her life. She gets to do Christian Slater and still is depressed. Probably because her friends are all assholes – and they’re all named ‘Heather’.

Who hasn’t fantasized about blowing their high school sky high? I still do and I just finished college. For every popular cheerleader/jock in high school, there are ten normal human beings. That being so, it is only logical that finally someone would make a film reflecting the fantasy of every band queer, stoner and sensitive soul, etc.

There are three Heathers – angry Heather, the leader, that always is dressed in red; cowardly Heather, the cheerleader, that is always dressed in yellow; and envious Heather, the wanna-be, that is always dressed in green. Veronica, the misfit (almost), is always dressed in blue. {Ahh…the usefulness of my film classes} Power struggles ensue from these conflicting personalities….and they are beautiful.

This is truly the last of the great eighties teen flicks. Good thing this film was made a decade ago – if it was made today, there would be a rash of copycat crimes…today’s teens just lack the creativity to think up their own misadventures.