June 2, 2012

Crispin Glover makes ALL movies better…but especially movies about time travel.

Seriously, if I had realized that Crispin Glover was in Hot Tub Time Machine, chances are I would have seen it a lot sooner.

Hot Tub Time Machine is the answer to the eternal question, “What if real life happened to Lane Meyer?” (Or Cusack’s character in One Crazy Summer, the name of whom I am too lazy to look up in IMDb right now.) At some point, no matter how many wacky, drug-fueled adventures you have as a teen and young adult, real life is likely to catch up with you and slow things down. (I want to believe that having kids is what slows people down on the drug-fueled adventures, but a late night trip to Wal-Mart will show you that this is decidedly not the case.) But what if you COULD go back and relive those wacky, drug-fueled adventures? Would you? I admit it, I would fuck things up, Butterfly Effect-style. I totally wouldn’t have eaten the soft shell crab during that wacky Spring Break trip to New Orleans during Freshmen Year. I really thought I was dying.

I like John Cusack, I really do, but then I realize that I haven’t seen most of his recent films, because they’re romantic comedies…although I haven’t seen 2012 yet either. I think I’ll save that one for December 21, 2012 – as I lay dying, cursing the Mayans, John Cusack will be the last thing I see before shuffling off this mortal coil…

The rest of the cast was perfect…Craig Robinson and Rob Corddry were hilarious. Cusack’s love interest was a chick with big eyes who is not Zooey Deschanel. Chevy Chase plays the Hot Tub Repairman. Plus…Billy Zabka! BILLY FUCKING ZABKA is in this movie.

The one thing I don’t understand…the film starts in 2010, they go back to 1986 – 24 years. John Cusack’s nephew is 20, yet he mentions early on that his mom gave birth to him 9 months or so after this weekend. Bad movie math, but I can forgive the error in logic, because the film was so fucking hilarious.

Year – 2010
Rating – R
Runtime – 101 minutes
Genre – Comedy
Director(s) – Steve Pink
Writer(s) – Josh Heald, Sean Anders, John Morris
Actor(s) – John Cusack, Clark Duke, Craig Robinson, Rob Corddry, Crispin Glover
BOB Rating – Four BOBs
Favorite Quote – "I write Stargate fanfiction, so I know what I'm talking about." - Jacob (Clark Duke)