Voodoo Moon

The stars could have used Voodoo for Dummies. The movie started off right with a Voodoo showdown in Haiti, then shifting to New Orleans, the Voodoo capital of America. But less than halfway through the film, the action shifted to Tennessee. Tennessee? Tennessee is all about country music – not Voodoo…unless of course, Daniel the […]

Shaun of the Dead

Zombie flicks are my second favorite kind of horror movie, right behind vampire flicks, but way ahead of number three, which are those starring deranged hillbillies. (I have yet to see a movie that utilizes all three, although Redneck Zombies comes tantalizingly close.) I think that one of the things I find most appealing about […]

Dead Alive

Before there were hobbits…there were garden gnomes. There’s an uncanny resemblance between garden gnomes and hobbits – admit it. And before gaining fame with hobbits, Peter Jackson had a little fun with garden gnomes. There’s a zombie with a garden gnome for a head in Dead Alive and Michael J. Fox runs over the Lynskeys’ […]

Route 666

Insomnia. Insomnia made me do it. I didn’t want to begin watching it. Once I had begun watching it, I definitely did not want to continue watching it. Russ was long asleep when I was laying there at 4:00am watching the end credits roll. Note to self: No more Starbucks late at night. Okay, maybe […]