Red State

I finally watched a good horror movie! One that wasn’t on SyFy! Aren’t you proud of me? As big of a Kevin Smith fan as I am, I can’t believe that it took me so long to get around to watching it. That leaves me with just Jersey Girl (not likely) and Cop Out (which […]

Camp Hell

WARNING – teenagers dry humping in the forest can summon demons. That’s right…those poor teenagers didn’t even get to have sex. They barely got to second base and things went to shit. What the pastor (Bruce Davison sure is busy these days!) in the film calls “demonic oppression” seems to be the symptoms of being […]

Black Death

As far as movies featuring giant underarm pustules go, this one is pretty good. I can’t recommend watching while eating lunch, or anywhere near your next planned meal. Nor would I say go out and rent this one for your next romantic evening. However, if you’re in the mood for some good ole hack-n-slash bathed […]

The Golden Compass

You’d think I would be standing in line to see a movie that supposedly promotes atheism in children and is condemned by the Catholic Church. The problem with the Golden Compass is that it tries so hard to not piss anyone off and be a family film that it totally misses the point of the […]


Ted’s Bogus Journey, Part Deux. When the world needs saving – who else are you gonna call, but Keanu Reeves? I’ve lost count of all the different ways that he’s saved the world, but in Constantine, he saves the world from the son of Satan. At least that’s what I think happened – I kept […]

Bruce Almighty

Oh, Jim Carrey, why do you vex me so? Jim Carrey still irritates me. Oh, there was a time when Jim Carrey was alright by me: Once Bitten, Earth Girls are Easy, In Living Color. I was even okay with Ace Ventura and The Mask. But soon after that, he went from being Jim Carrey […]


God and aliens do not mix. They don’t. If God exists as Christians perceive him, the existence of aliens is impossible within that paradigm. The creation of any other non-earthbound creature is not even hinted at in the bible, except for of course, angels – and I doubt anyone would make the case for angels […]


Do you wanna know the best part of the film? The best part was found at the very end of the credits…”Jay and Silent Bob will return in Clerks 2: Hardly Clerkin’.” Now that is something to get excited about! Dogma was exactly what I expected. Not better, not worse but exactly, on the nose […]


The trailer lied! The trailer made it look like some gay-ass Exorcist ripoff, but it’s not. I promise! There is so much more going on in this film than that. It caused a long theological discussion with my friend Rhett afterwards, a subject I am usually loathe to discuss with friend, lest they discover my […]