The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time

A post shared by Lara (@knobbygirl) on Aug 28, 2018 at 6:21pm PDT I don’t care what they call that damn movie, I really doubt it’s the last one. (Are you sensing a certain cynicality in me, when it comes to franchises? You’re goddamn right you are!) As the last film ended, everyone on the […]

21 Jump Street

All the little teen girls can have Zac Efron. Robert Pattison and Taylor Lautner do nothing for me either. Ryan Gosling…again, not interested. But when it comes to Channing Tatum, I do understand…there’s something about him that makes me want to rip his picture out of magazines and plaster them all over my cubicle. It’s […]

The A-Team

Hollywood today is obsessed with remakes. It’s an unfortunate fact that the things I loved as a child are going to be trotted out with shiny new duds and flashy special effects, and will be effective or ineffective based entirely on when they are released and what gets thrown into the mix, and not on […]


The latest movie that my children have become addicted to…may well turn them into potheads. The Luna Ghost looks like the Graffix logo. The scene with smoke coming out of the Mystery Machine (a slow reveal shows sausage cooking), ‘Pass the Dutchie’ playing in the background. Shaggy saying that he stays away from hydroponics. Shaggy […]

Alvin and the Chipmunks

Ooh ee ooh ah ah, ting tang, walla walla bing bang. That is the exact point that I stopped being okay with this film – the remake of my favorite Chipmunk song ever. Do juvenile chipmunks *really* need skanky back-up dancers? I thought that was what The Chipettes were for? Coincidentally, The Chipettes will be […]

Reno 911!: Miami

Strangers with Candy got it all wrong – they should have taken lessons from the folks at Reno 911! If you’re gonna bother adapting a Basic Cable TV show to fit on the big screen, you gotta make it FIT on the big screen. The jokes have to be bigger, the cameos have to be […]

Strangers with Candy

Wow, talk about disappointing! Wait, let me back up just a bit. I heart Amy Sedaris – I really do. I have her cookbook and Wigfield. (I heart the whole damn Sedaris family, although I will never dress my family in corduroy, but maybe denim.) I heart Jerri Blank – I’ve got all of Strangers […]

The Dukes of Hazzard

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t recall the Duke Boys getting chased around Hazzard County with shotguns after one of them got caught pants down with a teenage girl. Was that a part of the original TV show that I missed? My memory’s kind of fuzzy…was Boss Hogg after them for a statutory […]

Inside the Osmonds

One minute, I’m watching 80s Metal Videos on VH-1 Classic and all of a sudden, I find myself an hour into a made for TV biopic on the Osmonds. I figured that since I was already halfway through, I might as well keep on watching to see which one of them turns to drugs or […]

I Spy

Owen Wilson is the KING of the buddy movie. It doesn’t really matter who his buddy is and although Ben Stiller is definitely best – anyone will do. Owen Wilson can be ANYONE’s buddy. He IS the buddy. As much as I love the Butterscotch Stallion, his shtick is wearing thin. I know it comes […]