February 23, 2000

This movie is fucking harsh.

I finally got to see the first half of this film last weekend. I had seen the last half at Mike Z’s several months ago, before going to Ellum. Suffice it to say, I did not get the whole effect of the film until I had seen the whole thing. I got the main idea of Derek’s rehabilitation, but I had no idea how far he had to go to rehabilitate…

If you’ve read my review of Fight Club, then I don’t need to bore you with a rehash of my desire to sex Edward Norton. Let’s just say my desire has increased after viewing this one, but in a totally different way. In Fight Club, I was attracted to the emotional vulnerability and personality of Jack. In American History X, it’s all hard core sex appeal. Hot sex. (Please refer to my review of The Mummy for my love of bald guys and I don’t know where I mentioned how I feel about tattoos, but I’m sure I have…) Anyway, between the sex scene in the beginning and the shower scene at the end (NO! Not that one!) I had shower nozzle masturbation material for weeks…not to mention what I did later that night…did I say that outloud? That’s a bad knobby! BAD KNOBBY!

Seriously, I really appreciated the message that the film was trying to put forth. I didn’t get it after seeing just half of it and I really didn’t get it all the way until I was talking about the film with Lisa. She pointed this out to me. It can all be summed up in the last thing Derek says in the film – “What did I do? What did I do?” He’s taking responsibility for all that’s happened to him and his family and not blaming it on blacks, whites, or even society in general. He finally realized what hate is and what it does. And it was his hate that did it.

Not for the faint of heart, I would strongly recommend it…though it’s not a good date movie.

Six stitches…hehehehe…


Year – 1998
Rating – R
Runtime – 119 minutes
Genre – Drama
Director(s) – Tony Kaye
Writer(s) – David McKenna
Actor(s) – Edward Norton, Edward Furlong, Ethan Suplee, Fairuza Balk, Beverly D'Angelo
BOB Rating – Four BOBs
Favorite Quote – "Life is too short to be pissed all the time." - Danny Vinyard (Edward Furlong)