January 19, 2000

This is the single weirdest kung fu movie I have seen since The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires.

This movie was Ba-aaa-add! It is about these two kung fu badasses…sounds normal, except one has no arms and one has no legs. Excuse me, that is an oversimplification. One has no arms, but on one side he has a little prehensile stumpy thing. He manages to do a lot of pimp slapping with that little nub. The other guy kind of has legs, but they are atrophied and scaberous and he can’t walk. He does manage to choke some guy to death with them though. Their kung fu master is this feeble old dude who hangs out twisted up inside of a basket. No shit.

It is fucking twisted and weird. I liked it.


Year – 1979
Rating –
Runtime – 90 minutes
Genre – Kung Fu
Director(s) – Kei Law
Writer(s) –
Actor(s) – Jackie Conn, Frankie Shum
BOB Rating – Three BOBs
Favorite Quote – It was badly dubbed, so who knows?