Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo

June 23, 2000

Okay – he’s a male prostitute that doesn’t fuck any of his clients. That’s just wrong.

That’s right, he doesn’t fuck any of them, except for the one he falls in love with and she’s gorgeous. She only has one leg, but she is gorgeous nonetheless. Sorry to have spoiled it for you, but it’s a R movie, for chrissakes. You had to expect more than that.

I laughed a lot, but for the most part, this movie was pretty bad. The only reason that it got 3 stars was because I got to see Oded Fehr’s ass. (Remember him from The Mummy?) He is still my sex god. Seeing him, naked, spread-eagled against the wall was all it took…

There were a few genuinely funny gags – like the aquarium guy who only spoke in fisting sexual innuendo, the chick who kept getting sea snails from the bottom of the tank and the cop who kept pulling out his willie…and the ass waxing, can’t forget the ass waxing.

I am glad that I waited for it to come out on video…wish I would have waited for it to come on cable. I am glad I saw it by myself though, wouldn’t want my boyfriend to see me drooling…


Year – 1999
Rating – R
Runtime – 88 minutes
Genre – Rob Schneider Movie
Director(s) – Mike Mitchell
Writer(s) – Harris Goldberg, Rob Schneider
Actor(s) – Rob Schneider, Eddie Griffin, Oded Fehr, Amy Poehler
BOB Rating – Three BOBs
Favorite Quote – "Watch out before I he-bitch-slap you, Man-whore!" - TJ (Eddie Griffin)