January 19, 2000

Starring Sigourney Weaver’s boobs.

Like April said, if Ebert gave it a thumbs up, then I don’t go see it. But somebody didn’t want to go see Next Friday, so we went and saw this instead. Actually, it was funny as hell. Tim Allen makes me want to wretch, but his ego fit the role well.

Having known a few hard-core Trekkies, I can relate to where this film is coming from. It pokes fun at the whole convention lifestyle, but it isn’t mean spirited. It just points out the inherent humor in and inherent passion behind the sci-fi obsessed.

One bizarre thing I noticed about the film was that it must have been originally intended to be a bit raunchier, then edited back down to a PG rating. In an early scene, Laredo’s mouth obviously says “You’re full of shit!” but the audio says “You’re full of it!” I also got the idea that the ship engineer was supposed to be a total stoned out pothead. He acted very stoned and at one point, Guy even asks him if he is stoned. But the one thing that screams “MARY JANE!” to me is where he calls for a group hug. Last time I saw a group hug was in Half Baked. Plus, he was always eating and you would have to be baked to want to sex up an alien tentacle creature…

David, Z and the rest of the choads – go see it – it is about you! Everyone else, get high, go see it and make fun of something you do not understand.

Year – 1999
Rating – PG
Runtime – 102 minutes
Genre – Sci Fi Spoof
Director(s) – Dean Parisot
Writer(s) – David Howard
Actor(s) – Sigourney Weaver, Tim Allen, Alan Rickman, Tony Shalhoub, Sam Rockwell
BOB Rating – Three BOBs
Favorite Quote – "There's a red thingie coming towards the green thingie...and I think we're the green thingie!" - Guy (Sam Rockwell)