September 22nd was Elephant Appreciation Day, so we started watching Horton Hears A Who!

Anyone who knows my daughter, knows about ELEPHANT. Since she was less than a year old, she has dragged around this ratty little stuffed elephant. It used to be light green, but now it’s kinda grey. Her obsession with this stuffed animal extends to all things elephantine…so you can imagine her delight as soon as Horton came into view. Her eyes got as big as saucers and she screamed, “Elephant!!!!!!!!” She watched more intently than any movie since…actually, I don’t know if she has watched any movie this intently. Mostly because she’s two and a half.

So Wikipedia says that it’s all an allegory for post-WWII Japan. I guess I need to brush up on my history, because I didn’t see that at all. What I did see was a preachy ‘Believer vs. Non-Believer’ allegory. Of course, the Believers won and wasn’t it so sweet of them to forgive the Non-Believers that were just about to kill them? Blecccchhh…

Speaking of Blecccchhh, Jim Carrey was actually tolerable to listen to – in fact, I didn’t even remember he was in it until I looked the film up on IMDB halfway through viewing. Steve Carrell should have jobs forever – he is just funny no matter what. (Keep in mind that I’ve never seen Evan Almighty, so I could be wrong.)

The ‘Can’t Fight This Feeling’ sing-along at the end made me throw up a little bit.