Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

January 26, 2015

I didn’t realize how out of touch I am with the film world until thus weekend. I thought that this was opening weekend for Night at the Museum 3, but turns out it actually opened before Xmas. Doh!

We were at LaLa’s in East Texas, celebrating Xmas a little late and decided to take the kids to the movies. It’s so hard to pick a movie these days – most are so bad – that we hardly ever go. Paddington was straight up FUCK NO. Both kids had already seen Big Hero 6 separately. We can’t go see the new Hobbit movie without my husband. Strange Magic looked iffy. LaLa and I had it narrowed down to Into the Woods and Night at the Museum…ultimately, we decided to say goodbye to Robin Williams together.

The premise of this one takes Larry and the main exhibits to The British Museum. More than anything else, it made me want to go visit The British Museum. I want to be BFFs with Rebel Wilson – I think she would be a blast.

What happened to Amy Adams? I wanted more Amy Adams!

Did anyone else get a Tom Cruise vibe from Laaa? I was convinced that it was really Tom Cruise under those prosthetics.

Without giving away the end of the film, it was super emotional and a very fitting way to say goodbye to Williams. It’s almost as if he knew he would be leaving soon. Hell, maybe he did. We were also surprised to see Mickey Rooney and Dick Van Dyke. Mostly because we thought Rooney had been dead longer and were surprised that Van Dyke ISN’T dead. He’s got some sick dance moves – he should be on Dancing with the Stars.

Stacking them all up together, the first one is still the best, but this one is a little bit better than the second one. Again, this fucking movie ended with a Disco dance scene. I fucking hate Disco dance scenes.


Year – 2014
Rating – PG
Runtime – 98 minutes
Genre – Family Fare
Director(s) – Shawn Levy
Writer(s) – Mark Friedman, David Guion, Michael Handelman
Actor(s) – Ben Stiller, Robin Williams, Owen Wilson, Steve Coogan, Rebel Wilson
BOB Rating – Three BOBs
Favorite Quote – "Smile, my boy. It's sunrise." - Teddy Roosevelt (Robin Williams)