In the world of SyFy Movies, it is often the title alone that sells a film. Not only does the title have to be catchy or alliterative, but it also must tell the viewer what the film is about. How disappointing would it be if Sharknado wasn’t about a tornado full of sharks? No worries with Ragin Cajun Redneck Gators – these gators are all three.

I’ll start with the easiest adjective – “Redneck.” The gators LITERALLY have red necks. The gators are not, however, actual “Rednecks”…because they are “Cajun”. Anyone from the Deep South will tell you that there is a BIG difference between “Cajuns” and “Rednecks” – “Cajuns” speak French. Kinda. All joking aside, you may be asking yourself how gators can be “Cajun”. Quite simply, after being bit by moonshine-crazed gators, these poor “Cajuns” turn into gators. I wish I was making this up.

“Ragin” – well, I’d be enraged, too, if I was in the middle of a century long feud, my daughter was banging the enemy and then I got bit by a drunk alligator and then turned INTO an alligator. Oh, did I mention that in the middle of the gator attacks, there’s this crazy Hatfield & McCoys type feud going on between the Robichauds and Doucettes? There’s even a Romeo & Juliet forbidden romance.

I was actually somewhat entertained throughout the whole film. Don’t misunderstand – this is a bad, bad movie…but it’s watchable.