From TROMA, of course.

Sgt. Kabukiman fights crime with a supersonic fan, chopsticks of death, killer sushi and of course, a big fucking sword. The streets of New York are safer with Sgt. Kabukiman on the job…though a hell of a lot stranger…TROMA brings us a new superhero, even stranger than the Toxic Avenger.

It also should be noted that within this film, is the origin of the most over-used car explosion in history. Sgt. Kabukiman had not yet mastered his powers and changes into Sgt. Clownman. The bad guys chase him through New York, through a child’s birthday party, and ultimately, one of the cars explodes. This is the very same footage later used in Tromeo and Juliet, Terror Firmer and probably countless other TROMA flicks.

As in most TROMA flicks, the film is rife with social commentary. Yuppies are felled by falling women, lawyers are vomited upon and cops are spewed with acidic bodily secretions…Yippee!

Coming in 2002 – Sgt. Kabukiman L.A.P.D.!!!!

I’m glad this film was not Sgt. Bukkakeman.