July 28, 2007

Bruce Campbell + old Disney movie from the 60s = what the fuck?

I can’t think of a lot to say – good or bad – about Bruce’s follow-up to the Love Bug series. It was a formulaic, “25 years later” type of sequel that Disney is so fond of. Fate brings Bruce and Herbie together and of course, Bruce is the last one to believe that maybe Herbie has more than a little personality. My biggest complaint was the complete and utter lack of chemistry between Bruce and his love interest, Alexandra Wentworth. You know who would have been GREAT in that role? Parker Posey. Disney should have gone indie all the way and gotten some fireworks going.

If Herbie the car is inhabited by the soul of the carmaker’s dead wife – why did he name her “Herbie”?

So, if Herbie is supposedly ‘the love bug” – does that mean that when couples start smooching while inside of Herbie, that Herbie is actually there, like a voyeur – watching them? When you think about it, the couple is actually sitting on Herbie’s lap…okay, I am stopping this train at the station, because it’s about to derail into a really disgusting pile of group car sex.

I can’t blame Bruce for taking a paycheck from Disney – over the years, many fine actors have sold their souls to the mouse. What’s one little made-for-TV Movie on his resume?

I don’t exactly feel like I wasted my Sunday morning watching this – at least I didn’t sit through the Lindsay Lohan version.

Year – 1997
Rating –
Runtime – 88 minutes
Genre – Made for TV Disney Sequel
Director(s) – Peyton Reed
Writer(s) – Ryan Rowe
Actor(s) – Bruce Campbell, John Hannah, Alexandra Wentworth, Kevin J. O'Connor, Micky Dolenz
BOB Rating – One BOB
Favorite Quote –