My Name is Bruce

Bruce Campbell’s love letter to his fans really delivers. Campbell directs himself in this film, playing a character parody of himself. Confused? Don’t be, because the concept actually makes sense. An alcoholic womanizing asshole Bruce Campbell is so much more fun to watch than what I assume the ‘real’ Bruce Campbell us like…a normal guy […]

The Love Bug

Bruce Campbell + old Disney movie from the 60s = what the fuck? I can’t think of a lot to say – good or bad – about Bruce’s follow-up to the Love Bug series. It was a formulaic, “25 years later” type of sequel that Disney is so fond of. Fate brings Bruce and Herbie […]

Spider-Man 3

So the Black Spider-Man suit is like Axe Body Spray? It puts a spring in your step, makes you irresistible to women and worst of all…gives you finger guns?!?!?! I fucking HATE finger guns. Kirsten Dunst’s voice double was ridiculous. It didn’t sound like her in the least bit. No wonder she got shit-canned. Harry […]

Man with the Screaming Brain

Bruce Campbell tried, bless his little heart. This film is all Bruce – he wrote it, he directed it, he starred in it. And this is the Bruciest Bruce movie that I’ve ever seen. It takes full advantage of his aptitude for physical humor. He even gets to fight himself, ala Evil Dead II and […]

Alien Apocalypse

Somehow, Bruce Campbell has ended up on the same boat as Corey Feldman and Vanessa Angel – the Sci Fi Channel stock player boat. I understand Bruce, I really do. You gotta make a living. And I know that your mug has amazing value in the sci fi world – why give up and guest […]

Spider-Man 2

Let me get my gripes out of the way first… The title sucks. What was wrong with “The Amazing Spider-Man”? Or how about “Spider-Man Returns” or “Spider-Man Forever,” ala Batman. Even “Spider-Man II” would have been better than “Spider-Man 2.” There’s just something so trashy and Police Academy-esque about arabic numerals in film titles. Don’t […]

The Evil Dead

The beginning of a legend… I remember the first time I heard of The Evil Dead. I was probably in 13 or so and my younger sister had just come back from a slumber party. She began describing the movie they had watched at the slumber party and how scary it was. She described, in […]

Bubba Ho-Tep

Is there anyone better to spend Halloween (and my wedding anniversary) with than Bruce Campbell? After waiting probably over a year, Bubba Ho-Tep finally opened at the Angelika as part of the Deep Ellum Film Festival. I almost peed on myself from excitement as we were waiting in line to get into the theater. Less […]

Evil Dead II

It’s not my fault no one wanted to watch Transylvania 6-500! It took almost an hour to pick the Sunday movie today. After going through every single DVD we own, we decided on this one. Everyone had seen it except my sister-in-law, and – from the look on her face throughout the film, she probably […]


SPIDER-MAN…from the man who brought you…The Evil Dead? I found myself asking…myself…that in the theater. Can this film possibly be by the same guy who envisioned a camping trip SO horrible that a women was raped by a tree? Has the once cult Sam Raimi sold out to become big box office? Truthfully, I was […]