Attack of the Killer Donuts

May 2, 2018

Sometimes, my husband leaves me presents on the DVR…presents like Attack of the Killer Donuts. He’s a romantic at heart…

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The title kind of gives away the plot – there are donuts and they kill people. It’s absolutely as much fun as it sounds. Who knew killer donuts could be so much fun???

The only “star” that I recognized in the film was 80s heartthrob C. Thomas Howell. Say what you will, but after looking at his IMdB page, he works his ASS off in movies and TV. I guess that Soul Man money has run out?

My only complaint was the dialogue…there was too much of it. Characters would just keep on talking, not advancing the plot at all. We wanna see bloody donuts not Rom Com conversations!

A diarrhea fountain is never not funny. I don’t want one in my house or anything…but they’re never not funny in a movie, IE, The Haunted Trailer.

Utterly ridiculous, with an over the top plot, I nevertheless grant Attack of the Killer Donuts two full BOBs for the sheer amount of belly laughs we all enjoyed while watching.

Year – 2016
Rating – NR
Runtime – 98 minutes
Genre – Killer Food
Director(s) – Scott Wheeler
Writer(s) – Nathan Dalton, Chris De Christopher, Rafael Diaz-Wagner
Actor(s) – Justin Ray, Kassandra Voyagis, Michael Swan, Kayla Compton, C. Thomas Howell
BOB Rating – Two BOBs
Favorite Quote –