Even though I’ve spent the better part of a decade claiming up and down that I would never ever watch Dumb & Dumber, I finally relented and watched it this weekend. Oh, the things you’ll agree to when your mother asks…

It was funny, I guess. I did laugh at a few parts – like the bird and the blind kid and when they got pulled over by Harland Williams. I also laughed at Lloyd’s dream sequence…not because Jim Carrey was particularly funny, but because I’m pretty sure that’s every guy’s perfect fantasy. I did not laugh at the pooping scene. I did not laugh at any of the faces that Jim Carrey made, but I did laugh at his chipped tooth. Supposedly that’s really Jim Carrey’s chipped tooth.

I spent most of the movie mystified by Lauren Holly’s hair. The color and texture of her hair have never occurred in nature – of this I am quite sure.

It would have been funnier with anyone else besides Jim Carrey though…like Adam Sandler. Or Chris Farley. Or even Carrot Top. And I HATE Carrot Top.