January 9, 2000

Pretty good film, considering how much I loathe Jim Carrey.

Jim Carrey sucks. I don’t know why. I liked him before he sold out, when he was on In Living Color and in films like Once Bitten and Earth Girls are Easy. But once he started talking with his ass, it all went downhill from there. Ace Ventura made me twitch, The Mask was tolerable, I refuse to watch Dumb & Dumber on moral grounds and The Truman Show made me puke up a lung. Let’s not even discuss Batman Forever. But here I am, swallowing my pride and admitting that Jim Carrey was good in this film. He has finally played a character other than “Jim Carrey” – he was Andy Kaufman.

Courtney Love wasn’t in it all that much, which is a good thing. She had maybe 20 minutes of screen time, which I admit is about 19 minutes too much, but she wasn’t that annoying. I hope someday I can get a nose job as good as hers. (That was just a rude remark. In reality, my nose is perfect and I don’t need a nose job. She sure did though. If you would like to see Courtney’s original nose, go rent Straight to Hell and see her nose circa 1987. Fucking shit!) The rest of the cast was pretty good too. I liked that they got people to play themselves in this film. Even though the cast of Taxi look pretty old and crusty these days, it was neat-o to see them all pissed off at Andy. It would have been even better if they could have gotten the actual cast of Fridays to be in it, but Norm MacDonald playing Michael Richards was funny. I guess Michael Richards is too busy looking for a new job to take any bit acting roles right now…

I predict mucho Oscar hype for this film. I predict film classes eventually being taught about Milos Forman. I predict that Jim Carrey will next do a biopic on Jerry Lewis. I predict that Courtney Love will continue to suck a lot of dick. I predict that Michael Stipe (of R.E.M.) will die of AIDS. I predict that you will wait until Man on the Moon comes out on video to see it. I would have too, except I got to go to a preview for free. Ahhh, the life of a social debutante.


Year – 1999
Rating – R
Runtime – 118 minutes
Genre – Jim Carrey Movie
Director(s) – Milos Forman
Writer(s) – Scott Alexander, Larry Karaszewski
Actor(s) – Jim Carrey, Courtney Love, Danny DeVito, Paul Giamatti
BOB Rating – Three BOBs
Favorite Quote – "So, you just pretend to be an asshole?" - Lynne Margulies (Courtney Love)