April 15, 2018

There’s nothing like introducing your children to a cinema classic…yes, this Friday the 13th, I’ve started the kids on Friday the 13th…

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I haven’t decided for sure, but there’s a slim chance that they might go to some kind of camp this summer…I want them to know the consequences of their promiscuity! (Just kidding, I’ll make sure my 10 year old has a few boxes of condoms packed.) Growing up a bit poor, I didn’t have much “Camp” experience – just a single weekend at a church youth camp, the highlight of which was a dumb as kid trying to smoke pine needles. But movies like Friday the 13th and Sleepaway Camp make it look like so much fun! I’ve always had serious “Camp” envy, even though I hate going outside. So ironic!

Kevin Bacon stands alone as the single big star to come out of this film…not to mention the only guy that gets to come in the film (ba DUM dum). His later success was like a clarion call to young actors that they could star in horror films and still have a stellar career – not to mention a cool party game named after them.

Having been about 20 years or so since I’ve watched Friday the 13th intentionally, I’d forgotten that it dragsssss…even so, I’ll stand by it as revolutionizing the horror genre as a money making franchise machine. I also stand by the ending of the film as one of the wildest twists in film history – I love it!

Year – 1980
Rating – R
Runtime – 95 minutes
Genre – Slasher
Director(s) – Sean S. Cunningham
Writer(s) – Sean S. Cunningham, Ron Kurz, Victor Miller
Actor(s) – Betsy Palmer, Adrienne King, Jeannine Taylor, Robbi Morgan, Kevin Bacon
BOB Rating – Two BOBs
Favorite Quote – "We'll play Strip Monopoly - I'll be the shoe." - Brenda (Laurie Bartram)