September 11, 2014

Robocroc takes place in a magical place where a zoo, recreational lake, water park and ATV track are all within walking, actually swimming distance. Where is this magical place? I want to vacation there!

Actually, NO. I do not want to vacation there, because the water supplies ate all connected…which means the lake that contains the crocodile exhibit is connected to the recreational lake and water park…because how else would the Robocroc be able to swim freely between the three? I refuse to go down a waterslide contaminated by crocodile pee. Or whatever waste product comes out of a Robocroc.

Dee Wallace and Corin Nemec ate the name stars in the film, but I didn’t recognize anyone else. She was fantastic, but I had a hard time believing that Harold Lauder was a Crocodile Whisperer…

Super shitty and boring… No need to watch this one.

Year – 2013
Rating –
Runtime – 77 minutes
Genre – Shit
Director(s) – Arthur Sinclair
Writer(s) – Berkeley Anderson
Actor(s) – Corin Nemec, Dee Wallace, Keith Duffy, Owen Davis, Lisa McAllister
BOB Rating – One BOB
Favorite Quote –