March 15, 2014

Everything is awesome!

Actually…the only thing about The Lego Movie that’s not awesome is the song, “Everything is Awesome” – because that song has been stuck in my head for weeks on end. It’s the only thing I hear. Maybe I shouldn’t have switched my ringtone from “What Does the Fox Say?” to “Everything is Awesome”? Maybe it’s my own fucking fault?

The meaning of The Lego Movie came to me a few nights ago, as I was in that liminal stage between awake and asleep. It’s an allegory about overthrowing a totalitarian regime, an Animal Farm for the new millennium. Think about it…the rules that the Lego people must follow and the penalties for disobedience. The construction workers are the proletariat. The lego croissants are like Victory Gin. The kragl is like…the face cage full of rats?

When you think about it, it’s so easy to fall into the role of a totalitarian dictator as a parent. I sometimes find myself focusing so much on the rules and trying to get them to follow my rules that I forget about their feelings. I don’t know that I can totally stop being a dictator when it comes of mealtimes and hygiene, but I think I do a pretty good job at not being a dictator when it comes to playtime. When I play Barbies with my daughter, I let her be the dictator. If I put the wrong dress on a Barbie, she SCREAMS at me…and that’s ok. It’s one small arena in which she is in charge and the rules are hers.

Batman is a fucking dick. Will Arnett is so damn good at being a dick. Besides Batman, my favorite character was Princess Uni-kitty. I totally want to buy one!

The Lego Movie is an instant classic, like Toy Story or Shrek. We will definitely get the DVD when it comes out. A sequel has even been announced already. Like my son said, 2017 is so far away!

Year – 2014
Rating – PG
Runtime – 100 minutes
Genre – CGI Toys
Director(s) – Phil Lord, Christopher Miller
Writer(s) – Dan Hageman, Kevin Hageman, Phil Lord, Christopher Miller
Actor(s) – Will Arnett, Elizabeth Banks, Will Ferrell, Morgan Freeman, Chris Pratt
BOB Rating – Four BOBs
Favorite Quote – "WIPING YER BUM WITH A HOOK FOR A HAND IS REALLY HARD!" - Metalbeard (Nick Offerman)