August 6, 2017

That Tara Reid, she sure does have bad luck with sharks.

Tara Reid isn’t the only C-list celeb on board. The REAL star is Thomas Ian Nicholas, coincidentally Tara Reid’s boyfriend in American Pie. He’s the asskicking trailer park dude, who fixes everything with duct tape. Also, we’ve got Mr. Belding (the principal from Saved by the Bell) as the evil land developer that orchestrates the levee explosion that leads to the shark invasion of the trailer park. Yeah…a shark (singular) invades a flooded trailer park. The shark also has electric powers like an eel. Okay….

Tara Reid doesn’t even show up until an hour into the movie, marooned on top of a trailer. She’s got 5 minutes in the film, tops. Also, she throws a pink flamingo – the shark was not impressed.

I’ve always dreamed of seeing a horse eaten by a a shark…and now that dream has come true.

Also, the main bad guy’s name is “Swayze” – I giggled every time they said it. Or was it because he was a white guy with cornrows? Either or.

This entry into the Sharkolympics was actually on the funnier end of the spectrum. Most of the laughs were intentional, although quite a few were not. Like…why do they call jet-skis “skidoos”? And why do they pronounce Go-Pro as “gah-PRO”? WHY?

Year – 2017
Rating – TV-14
Runtime – 90 minutes
Genre – Sharks!
Director(s) – Griff Furst
Writer(s) – Griff Furst, Nathan Furst, Marcy Holland, Matt Muschamp, Xander Wolfe
Actor(s) – Thomas Ian Nicholas, Lulu Jovovich, Clint James, Dennis Haskins, Tara Reid
BOB Rating – Two BOBs
Favorite Quote – "Are you actually suggesting we give a Great White Shark a colonoscopy?" - Preacher