The Butcher Boy

Sinead O’Connor as the Virgin Mary? Yep. The virgin Sinead appears to young Francie Brady when his life is getting a little tough and believe me, his life is pretty tough. Crazy mom and Alky dad send Francie over the edge. Soon, he is a homicidal maniac. It’s hard tell what sent him over the […]

Multiple Maniacs

I am glad I am not Catholic. This is the one John Waters film that I will not let my Catholic friends watch. Not because I believe in sacrilege and not because I respect Catholisism. In fact, I am pretty biased against it. I just want my Catholic friends to continue to be my Catholic […]

Female Trouble

This is the first ‘naughty’ Waters film that I ever saw. I had only seen Hairspray and I loved it, so I decided to check out some other ones. This was the first one that I came across (in my local Blockbuster, no less. It was right next to ‘Ganjasaurus.’) Absolutely my favorite John Waters […]


Of Kevin Smith’s ‘Jersey Trilogy,’ Mallrats is the last one that I saw. I had been told that it was stupid, that it was just not Clerks. True – most of Mallrats is pretty stupid and it isn’t Clerks, but it was goddamn funny. Way funnier than Clerks in a lot of places. I was […]

Chasing Amy

When I first saw Fat Man and Little Boy (Siskel and Ebert to the unenlightened) review this film, I was annoyed at the subject matter. I was like, “Yeah right. A hardcore lesbian would change for a guy…sure…” I unfortunately waited until it came out on video to see it. Mistake. Fatty and 4 eyes […]


Poor Veronica (Winona Rider). Beautiful, rich and popular and she still hates her life. She gets to do Christian Slater and still is depressed. Probably because her friends are all assholes – and they’re all named ‘Heather’. Who hasn’t fantasized about blowing their high school sky high? I still do and I just finished college. […]

The Doom Generation

This is my second favorite film of all time. I’m not sure why. I don’t know anybody else who likes this film. No one. It made my friend Stacy cry. Another friend, Justin, tells anyone who asks that they should “Never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never ever” watch this film. That’s right, eight […]


When Jeffrey Franken’s girlfriend, Elizabeth Shelley, is killed by his automated lawn mower, he decides to bring her back to life using the body parts of dead prostitutes. That’s the plot in a nutshell. Plot is not important in Frankenhooker. Bad special effects are what’s important. Lame jokes are what’s important. This film has what’s […]


Written by, directed by and starring South Park co-creater Trey Parker…Oh, what a heavy burden to bear. The pressure to supply big laughs must be an almost unbearable burden by now. But probably not…. Trey Parker is a Mormon missionary in LA. He gets talked into being a porn star – because he needs the […]

There’s Something About Mary

I have not seen Dumb and Dumber, nor do I plan on it anytime in the future. Even my mother told me I should see it, but Jim Carrey is like someone running their fingernails down a chalkboard. She also is the one who said I should see Kingpin. Woody Harrelson is pretty hot, so […]