November 18, 1998

Written by, directed by and starring South Park co-creater Trey Parker…Oh, what a heavy burden to bear. The pressure to supply big laughs must be an almost unbearable burden by now. But probably not….

Trey Parker is a Mormon missionary in LA. He gets talked into being a porn star – because he needs the money to pay for his wedding. He doesn’t have to sin though, to do this – they will just use a ‘stunt cock.’ STUNT COCK? His sidekick, Choader Boy, is played by Little Bitch from BASEketball. He has 2 PhDs from MIT, but has become a porn star because he is…well, he’s Little Bitch. Matt Stone, the other half of South Park, plays cameraman Dave, who’s not queer or nuthin’ – but he thinks Depeche Mode is really kewl…

Ron Jeremy (troll with a big dick) is in this film. I met Ron Jeremy once. Me and Erin went to New Fine Arts to meet him. (Christy Lakes was also there and she hit on us, too.) Anyway, we made the mistake of giving him our phone numbers. He left dirty messages on our answering machines. Mostly because we were too afraid to actually pick up the phone. He wanted us to come and party with him at Eden 2000 (if you know the Dallas area, you know that Eden 2000 was the lamest teenybopper club in the Metroplex.) We didn’t answer our phones for a week after that…

Anyway, back to Orgazmo. Very, very funny, though not quite as funny as BASEketball. Really it is not fair to compare Orgazmo to BASEketball, because BASEketball is a Zucker film and an entirely different type of film. Orgazmo got screwed by the MPAA. It got a rating of NC-17, but was barely and R-rated film. You only get to see breasts ONCE in the entire film. There are a helluva lot of dildos in the film, but that is about it. Boogie Nights has a 18 inch prosthetic penis for Markie Mark and gets an R rating. A couple dildos and Orgazmo gets NC-17…I don’t get it.


Year – 1997
Rating – NC-17
Runtime – 94 minutes
Genre – Those South Park Guys
Director(s) – Trey Parker
Writer(s) – Trey Parker
Actor(s) – Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Dian Bachar, Ron Jeremy, Chasey Lain
BOB Rating – Four BOBs
Favorite Quote – "Penetrated? Who's gonna be penetrated?" - Joe Young (Trey Parker)