junk trauma

My boyfriend thinks that I only like to watch movies where guys get their junk cut off or damaged in some way. I am not a Feminazi. Really. So I went through all my reviews…and came up with disturbing results…Junk Trauma does not occur in all of the films, but in quite a few of them…

Here are the results of my research…crap, maybe I am sick.

Cecil B. Demented – Fidget, the chronic masturbator, gets shot in the junk.

Desperate Living – Mole McHenry gets a sex change, then chops it off when her girlfriend doesn’t like her new junk… viparabclub a dog then runs off with it.

The Doom Generation – Nazis cut off Jordan’s junk and stick it in X’s mouth.

Female Trouble – Earl’s herpes infested junk is seen.

Frankenhooker – Jefferey’s head gets cut off and his head is out on a female body – no actual damage to his junk, but he no longer has junk and that is bad enough.

Orgazmo – Bad guy gets shot with orgasmirator too many times, his junk no longer works.

Pink Flamingos – Channing the butler gets his junk cut off.

The Rage: Carrie 2 – Kid from Home Improvement gets his junk harpooned, junk seen floating in the pool.

South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut – Sadaam Hussein teases Satan with disembodied junk. روليت اون لاين

There’s Something About Mary – Junk gets caught in zipper, bleeds a lot.

Very Bad Things – Christian Slater gets bitten in the junk – ouch!